PowerLift PL60

PowerLift PL60


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  • Reechcraft PowerLift  PL60
  • Platform Height: 21'-7"
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  • Reechcraft treats safety as job one.
  • PowerLift was designed for safety as well as convenience and productivity and fully meets ANSI A92.3 safety standards.
  • You can’t be productive if you don’t feel safe. The fully enclosed personnel basket on the PowerLift provides security and safety.
  • An anchor point for a safety harness is also provided.
  • A hand crank system is provided for emergency lowering if there is a loss of power or the operator is incapacitated.
  • PowerLift is perfect for locations where access is difficult for other lifts such as down stairs and tight spaces.
  • It works great in factories, warehouses, offices, and homes.
  • It’s a super lift for outdoor work as well.
  • PowerLift is the lightest mid-range lift on the market.
  • At 310 lbs empty weight one person can easily move it about on it’s castors.
  • Other mid level lifts weigh more than 650 lbs, too heavy to carry up slopes or stairs.
  • The convenient Hitch Hauler (purchased seperatly) eliminates the need for a pickup or trailer to transport the PowerLift.
  • This option allows any vehicle with a type III receiver hitch to transport PoweLift in town or down the highway.
  • Loads, unloads and secures in under 15 seconds.
  • No ropes, chains or straps required! 
  • PowerLift’s only electrical component is the drill for power(corded or cordless).
  • There are no expensive controls, sensors or switches to go wrong and repair.
  • PowerLift is very simple to operate.
ReechCraft PowerLift Specifications




Platform Height

14’ 3”  (4.34m)

21’ 7” (6.60 m)

Work Height

20’ 6  “ (6.25m)

25.5’  (7.77 m)

Stowed Height

5' 9" (1.74m)

5' 9" (1.74m)

Erected Mast Height

16' 4" (4.98m)

21’  7” (6.60 m)

Platform Capacity

350 lb (159 kg)

350 lb (159 kg)

Platform Size (L x W)

26" X 30"  (660 mm  X     762 mm )

26" X 30" (660mm X 762mm)

Stowed Size  (L x W)

53" X 30" (1343 mm X 762mm)

53.4" X 30" (1356 mm X 762 mm)

Base Size (L x W)

58.9" X 52.1" (1496 mm X 1324 mm)

67.1” x  64.4” (1705 mm x 1635 mm)

Mast Section Weight

20.7 lbs (9.4kg)

28.5 lbs. (12.9 kg)

Rear Outrigger

7.8 lbs (3.6 kg)

9.3 lbs. (4.2 kg)

Front Outrigger

10.3lbs (4.7 kg)

10.6 lbs. (4.8 kg)

Total Weight

278 lbs (126kg)

310 lbs.  (141 kg)


5" (127mm) Non-Marking with Swivel Lock and Brake

5" (127mm) Non-Marking with Swivel Lock and Brake

Transport Wheels

12" X 3.5" Flat Free (305mm X 89 mm)

12" X 3.5" Flat Free (305mm X 89 mm)


Worm Gear Transmission with Integrated Drive Gear and Brake

Worm Gear Transmission with Integrated Drive Gear and Brake